Metamask Guide

Here you can find out how to set up Metamask for use with NClip.

Install Metamask and follow the instructions. Please make sure that you keep your 12-word Secret Recovery Phrase as safe as possible. You can use it to unlock your Metamask account if you've forgotten your password. The phrase is also proof that you are the owner of the wallet.


As soon as you have installed Metamask you are connected to the Etherium Mainnet. To get into the Polygon network you just have to press the arrow next to Etherium Mainnet" and add the network below. Enter the information and press save. You can now switch between Etherium and Polygon at any time.




Chain - ID:




Block Explorer URL:

Finally you have to transfer the crypto currency MATIC to your wallet in the Polygon network.

Of course you can also buy MATIC on our homepage. Simply click on Buy cryptos" in the Menu bar. NClip is not itself a seller or provider of these cryptocurrencies. We only provide the tool for you.

For sure you can also buy MATIC at one of the well-known stock exchanges and send it to your Metamask wallet. Make sure to send your MATIC through the Polygon network, because the address of your wallet is identical in the Etherium and Polygon network!

If you have assets like Etherium or even other NFTs in the Etherium network, you can always use the bridge provided by Polygon to move your values between the networks. The values only ever exist on one of the two blockchains Just note that the transaction costs in the Etherium network are high and exceed the transaction cost for small amounts.

Polygon Bridge

You can also transfer your NClip NFTs from the Polygon Chain to the Ethereum Chain if you wish.