A deeper look at what we stand for!

Here you can read a little more about NClip, our philosophy and what will come in the future.


Code of Conduct

NClip has no place for hate, discrimination, racism, political debate, or spreading conspiracy theories in any form. We believe that every human being is equal and has equal rights.

NClip will approve each upload manually, because files that violate applicable law cannot be deleted from the blockchain. we will not shy away from removing posts that violate terms of service and ban users from NClip. Being banned from NClip does not mean that your NFTs are lost. Of course, these continue to exist and could be represented and traded in other ways.


What could you expect in the future?

How would you like it if you could enter someone else's gallery at the push of a button and rate it based on various criteria? For example, a score for the arrangement of the NFT or exclusivity would be possible. At the end of a season, the best galleries are rewarded with special NFTs.

You've probably already noticed the parallels between NClip and video games, so what could be more obvious than an experience system. A successful purchase directly from the creator could get you the first points. Each NFT you own will give a fixed point value based on rarity. If you own all rarities of an issue or a complete set, you will be rewarded with bonus points. You can earn cool rewards for leveling up, and the users with the most points could be rewarded with exclusive NFTs at the end of a season.


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